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Chinese Jade Sculpture

Vintage Chinese Jade Sculpture ... Finely detailed, heavy (4 lbs) 12" Tall


VTG Chinese Export Carved Green Jade Hardstone Figural Bird Floral Sculpture SWR


Chinese Art Sculpture Natural Black Dushan Jade Water Buffalo Ox Statue


Small Antique 19thC Chinese Carved Koi Fish, White Jade Sculpture, NR


Chinese Exquisite Hand-carved ELEGANT bird carving Jadeite jade SCULPTURE


chinese jade bird statue jade bird sculpture carved green jade birds and trees


Vintage Chinese Jade Dragon Sculpture ~ Hand Carved


Chinese handwork hetian white jade sculpture cicada lucky Amulet pendant


Chinese jade,Hongshan culture,manual sculpture,jade,Apollo,pendant K020


Chinese antiques, noble collection, manual sculpture, jade, gossip, pendant W8=


Chinese ,jade,Hongshan culture,manual sculpture,jade, eagle,pendant E200


Chinese jade,collectibles,manual sculpture, Ancient dragon card pendant A3014


Chinese collections,Hongshan culture,manual sculpture,jade,eagle,pendant J95


Chinese jade,collectibles,manual sculpture,The ancient jade pendant A3015


Chinese jade,Hongshan culture,manual sculpture,jade,eagle,pendant K207


Vintage Chinese Carved Crystal Base & Jade Leaves Wire Tree Sculpture ~ Jadeite


Antique Chinese Nture Hetian Jade Manual Sculpture Hand-carved BEAR Statue


Chinese jade,manual sculpture,natural,jade, eagle,pendant L061


Chinese ,jade,Hongshan culture,manual sculpture,jade,Apollo,pendant E308


Chinese jade,Hongshan culture,manual sculpture,jade,eagle,pendant K203


Chinese jade,noble collection,manual sculpture,jade,Buddha&lindens,pendant*G6


Chinese jade,Hongshan culture,manual sculpture,jade,Apollo,pendant K15


Chinese jade,collectibles,manual sculpture,Ancient Leaves goldfish pendant A3011


Fine Old Chinese Large Carved Jade Water Buffalo Carving Sculpture Scholar


Chinese,jade,noble collection,manual sculpture,jade, cicada,pendant ZL1


Chinese Jade FOO DOG DRAGON Sculpture Hand Carved Heavy 2 Pounds Very Detailed


Antique Chinese Jade Sculpture Statue Jadeite Dragon Large 14” Height


A Monumental Dark Black and Green Chinese Jade Bird and Mask Hybrid Sculpture


Chinese ,jade,Hongshan culture,manual sculpture,jade,eagle,pendant Q590


Chinese ,jade,Hongshan culture,manual sculpture,jade,bird,pendant E03


Chinese jade,noble collection,manual sculpture,jade,eagle,pendant K255


Chinese ,jade,Hongshan culture,manual sculpture,Black magnet,Apollo,pendant E209




Chinese 100% Natural Jade Green Jade Hand-carved Dragon Ship Sculpture NR


Chinese jade,noble collection,manual sculpture,jade,jade cong,pendant X15**


Vintage Chinese Jade Hand Carved Sculpture Walking Monster Pi-Xiu #10181505


Antique Chinese Jade Sculpture Hand Carved Jadeite Green Ducks in the Pond